Harbor Youth is separated into two age groups:

Junior High: Ages 11(only if parent feels they are ready for youth at age 11) to Age 13 (also at the age of 13, a parent may also make the decision if they feel their student should move up to the High School group)
High School: Ages 14 to Senior in High School (unless the parental guardian feels their child is ready to move up at the age of 13).

Youth Hangouts are a time for these groups to meet, connect with each other and learn more about God. They are on Wednesday nights 6:30-7:45pm.


Once a month on a Wednesday night, in place of Hangouts, we are going to have what we are calling a ‘ONE Night’. This is an opportunity to bring both the Junior High & High School groups together for one amazing night! ONE Nights will still have the same time frame as Hangouts and they will be in the Sanctuary of the Harbor. 


Because there are now two age groups represented in youth, there will be 4 Hangout groups total with the following people being the Leaders that will be hosting the Hangouts every week:

Junior High Girls: Rachel Fendley 985-351-3479

High School Girls: Allison Gerardino 425-785-5600

Junior High Boys: John Wondergem 985-351-6765

High School Boys: Ryan Mercier 504-250-9870


Hangout Leaders will be texting both the parents and the student (if the student has a phone) directly via text every week (every Monday) to connect & let them know the Hangout details for that week.

We also want all PARENTS & STUDENTS to opt into our text alert updates. You can do so by texting ‘HarborYouth’ (one word) to 97000. This will keep you up  to date with ONE Night dates, general reminders, and information regarding youth.


Remaining ONE Night Dates for 2018:

  • Wed, Dec 12th - Christmas Party!

Weekend Mexico Mission Trips

Date: TBD (Would be a Friday-Sunday length of trip)
This would entail visiting & serving the area in which Heart & Hands Ministry has helped out with children’s feeding program, widows program, etc.
Location: Acuna, Mexico
Ages: 13 & Up

Outreach Opportunities in New Orleans

Date: TBD
This would look like Youth Leaders/Mentors bringing the youth group to help bring supplies, pray for and minister to the homeless of New Orleans.
Ages: 14 & Up

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where are the locations of each groups Hangouts?

A: Junior High Hangout Groups will mainly meet at the Harbor, on the sanctuary side.
High School Hangout Groups will be meeting mostly off campus at either a church members home or a coffee shop.

Q: If there is a last minute location change for Hangouts, how will I know?

A: Hangout Leaders will contact both parent and student (if student has a phone) directly via text as soon as possible.

Q: Will there be anyone to give rides for me student?

A: Yes, from the church only. Hangout Leaders will do their best to have someone appointed to pick up from the church if they themselves cannot give a ride - but they will leave NO LATER than 6:30pm (because of the tight timeline). This will include a ride back as well, unless parents are willing to pick up students from off-campus Hangout location. If an older student is available to give your child a ride, we will be sure to make sure that that student has been driving for at least a year. If a Hangout Leader is not giving your student a ride personally, they will let you know who your student is riding with before they get in the car.

Q: Are there any other youth mentors outside of the Hangout leaders?

A: Yes - And Hangout leaders can point these individuals out to parents and students. We look forward to growing the team of mentors for the youth in the future as well.

Q: Who do I contact first when I have a question about Youth Hangouts?

A: The Hangout Leader of your student.

Q: How will it be decided that my 11 year old is ready to move up to youth?

A: This will be the parents decision based on their students maturity and all other factors they deem important. Parents will be asked to let the Hangout Leader know ahead of time or have a discussion about their plans for their student so it can be a smooth transition or perhaps a waiting period.

Q: Can our kids go to a different age group?

A: No they will have to attend Hangouts within the assigned age group they are in. (i.e. A 12 year old cannot attend Hangouts with the High School Group).

Q: Do Hangout Leaders and Youth Mentors ever want to spend one-on-one time with my student?

A: Absolutely. They’d love to sow in some time over lunch or coffee. And they will make it a point to contact you first before approaching your student to spend one-one-time with them.