TEXT TO GIVE - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take for the organization to receive my donation?
    • When you make a donation, we immediately provide the information about that donation to the receiving organization. We also send that donation as a deposit into their bank account that evening. That means it usually takes about 2-3 days between when you make the donation and when it is in the organization's bank account. This is equivalent or faster than other forms of online giving.
  2. How will I know when my debit card is charged?
    • Anytime your card is charged, you will receive both an email and a text message confirmation from Kindrid.
  3. What if I accidentally type the wrong amount?
    • When you make a donation, you will receive a text confirmation that re-states the amount given. If you made a mistake in typing, you can respond with the word REFUND within the first 15 MINUTES and your debit card will not be charged. After 30 minutes, you can contact us at sayhello@kindrid.com and a refund can be issued for you.
  4. Is it case sensitive? Do I have to put a $ symbol?
    • No! Donations will work as 100 or $100 or $100.00 or 100.00. Also there is nothing that is case sensitive.
  5. What happens if I do not submit a KEYWORD?
    • If you do not submit a KEYWORD from the list provided, all donations will be considered OFFERING.

For answers to more questions, email us at info@theharbor.church.