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This Wednesday night The Harbor youth will be carpooling to Bethany's south campus in Baton Rouge to hear Todd White speak. Todd White has such an incredible anointing of love and evangelism on his life, and it's going to be a great opportunity to spark such a passion in our young people to start off this new year.
We are meeting at the church at 5:15 to load up and head out. The event is free, so just show up and have a great time. We'll see you there.


Everything our students do hinges on building a relationship with God and each other. 

That is why we see the best growth in our students through small groups that we call 'Hangouts.' As of right now the Hangouts happen every Wednesday night at 6:30 at one of the youth's homes and is headed up by one of our youth leaders. It is a great atmosphere for them to connect, and more importantly, to open up to one another and share what God is doing in their lives throughout the week. We have seen so much growth in our students through this more personal atmosphere, but that isn't to say we don't believe in getting everyone together. 

The last Wednesday of every month we get all of the hangout groups together for a full out youth service. We do it big for them! The head over our worship here at the Harbor gets together an amazing worship team to bring them the best worship experience, and we have an amazing guest speaker who comes in to give them a fresh, encouraging word to challenge and empower them. 

If you have ANY questions about Hangouts, end of the month youth service, or just a general inquiry, then please feel free to contact us by either calling our offices Monday-Thursday (8:30-4:30), or fill out the email form below.

Office telephone number: 985-543-0600

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