5 Exercises to strengthen Your core

Story - Michelle Braud - as told to Holly Poole

Michelle: Recently, I had heard a lot of sermons about core values, mostly from Bethel. One day, I was sick and had some time to think. During that time, God just spoke to me about writing down my core values and it just evolved from there. I wrote down things like, “I am un-offendable. I radiate love and bring The Kingdom everywhere I go. I am presence-driven. I am a mother who is training world changers…” and I implemented those things in my life. 

Of course, the first core value “I am un-offendable,” came up immediately. On Sunday morning, which is obviously a chaotic event in my household of four children, I had plenty of opportunities to be offended. I definitely could have lost it, but I remembered my first core-value “I am un-offendable.” Later, during service, Pastor had looked over at me and said, “do whatever you feel.” If I had held onto my offenses that morning, I would not have had anything to say. Instead, I had remembered who I was and I was able to operate as a vessel for the Holy Spirit. There was a second occasion when this same core-value came up. I was in car line with my kids and someone had come around my car and cut in front of us, I reacted immediately with, “what the heck!” My first thought was that I wanted to get out and tell her something. However, prompted by my children’s concerns, I remember my core-values and I realized again how important it was to align with those for the sake of my children. 

Feelings are a bad master - that's one of the main reasons that I needed these core values. When emotions are high, you need those core values in order to react to situations without the messy, and often irrational, emotional reactions. 

"When you declare your core values over your life, that’s what your life becomes. You’re telling yourself who you are and you’re telling the spirit realm who you are."

Establishing & Strengthening Your Core Values: 5 Simple Exercises    

  1. Spend time in prayer and worship asking God - “Who am I?, What am I called to be?” 
  2. Look to the scriptures - Who does God say I am in His Word? Click here to find references. 
  3. Based on these exercises, determine your core values. 
  4. Write them down - Habakkuk 2:2-3
  5. Test them through daily decision making.