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Story - Flood Relief Volunteers & April F. - as told by Holly Poole & April Foster

Compassion naturally flows from passion. When we are passionate about our God, compassion, which is the action of passion, is manifest through our lives. The outpouring of love is being directed by hearts connected passionately to their God.

- Rachel Fendley, on serving our community

Amidst the loss and the chaos of the Louisiana floods, our community has joined together, most often independently from a church or organization, to aid the victims of this flood. In all of my life, I have never seen a community more united, more kind-hearted and selfless as this. The piles of damaged belongings on our streets may be reminders of the loss, but among the debris, I have seen yet another symbol, one that represents what has been gained. I have seen crowds of men and women in red SERVE Team shirts (from all different churches) that have willingly given up their time, efforts, and finances to restore our community. Many of whom have not been commissioned by a church, but have simply stepped up to fulfill their role as Christians—unguided and unpersuaded—these are people that are motivated by their love for God and His people. The Harbor Church commends every man and woman that have given selfless love and service to God’s people.

We love to hear the stories of those that have been blessed by these Serve Teams/individuals providing flood relief to our community, as well as, the stories of Serve Teams/individuals that have been blessed by their experiences in serving others! Please share your testimony with us on Facebook in the comments section here so that we may highlight all the good things that God is doing at this time. 

This is the testimony of the Foster family—April, her husband, and two children were among those who geared up in their red SERVE Team shirts, being called upon only by the tug on their hearts to love God’s people: 

It wasn't organized; it was God.

April Foster: “I was praying for days right after the flooding for God to lead me to who to help. There were so many needs of people at our church and through our homeschool group that I didn't know who needed it the most. At first I began offering to wash people's clothes and received 3 families clothes to wash. I wanted to be in the houses cleaning out the mess but I felt there were other ways people needed help. I offered to watch small children at my house so the parents could clean. I continued to receive updates on our SERVE Team Facebook page of the needs.

John called me to ask if we could help Debbie Dunn's parents, and I was thrilled to jump at the opportunity. As soon as we said yes, a very good friend of ours who doesn't belong to a church asked us if he could help us in any way with helping flooded people. Emery's best friend from a different church volunteered to help too. Before we knew it, we had created a clean up team at the Lee's house. When we showed up, Karen Hilton was there! It wasn't organized, it was God. We returned the next day and our beautifully divine team am continued to help clean. Erin March delivered food to the house on Saturday and to several of the neighbors. What a blessing!

Currently, I have a team organized to continue the clean up this Saturday. I VERY easily recruited many of the same people to help. It's like we have all become a family committed to helping out this house be put back together. This is the 2nd time Debbie's parent's have flooded. I am so thankful that God put this family on my radar. I am forever blessed to be a part of their rebuilding.”