Let's Get Serious About Fun

Story - Marvin Poole and John Welch as told by Holly Poole

With only a few weeks left in the summer, I sat down with dads, Pastor Marvin Poole and John Welch, to talk about the importance of spending intentional time with family and the spiritual aspect of fun. 

God created us to have fun—Marvin Poole

God created us to have fun. Joy is not determined by circumstances, joy comes from the Lord. God said that through everything that we are going through, we should have joy. Fun doesn't produce joy, but joy produces fun. 

Ecclesiastes 2:24 - “So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God.” 

Why have we created the ideology that fun has to be something that feeds our flesh? As to say, that doing secular activities are the only way to have fun. Why is it not fun to do things that feed our spirit? For me, it’s a joy to go fishing. But, the preparation to go fishing is a lot of work. I have to fill the boat up with fuel, keep-up with maintenance on the boat, etc,. We are willing to put in all the effort towards fishing but when it comes to fishing for men, planning to do ministry with our family, we don’t want to put in that effort. If I wanted to take my family to the nursing home for ministry, that would take preparation. The question is, will we be willing to put as much effort into those things as we would into things like fishing trips? There are times when we need to go fishing with our kids, that’s a spiritual thing, too! Quality time is spiritual (all of the love-languages are). Both spending time with our family and doing ministry with our family are spiritual activities. It’s about making BOTH activities a priority. 

Pastor Poole shares that he has learned throughout his life as a parent that adventure is an important part of building the life of a child, and when they are not given the experiences and fun that they desire, there is a lost connection between the parent and the child and a lost connection between the child and their own identity. Because we were created to have fun, that desire needs to be cultivated.  

The atmosphere that boredom creates— John Welch

Children (people) grow from experiences. They thrive from the experiences that make up their life. When there is an absence of experience, it seeks to be filled. How will that absence be filled? Boredom has a direct correlation with bad choices. I have noticed that children whose family unit is important to them are less likely to make irrational, destructive decisions. The children whose interests were cultivated by their parents, strived and matured in a healthy way. 

Even as an adult, this is important. It is important to continue cultivating these things. All people desire to be physically, intellectually, and spiritually stimulated. Stimulating your mind and spirit will build the momentum that carries you through life. Allowing children to have fun and healthy experiences that grow them and cultivate their interests, will jump-start them in life. It is a vital part in building their identity. 

This is not only for your children. Also, remember, that your husband/wife has the same desire to experience the world around them, to learn and grow and be supported in their talents. Do you know the desires of your family’s hearts? 

At the Harbor Church, we believe in having intentional time with our families. Click here to check out our suggested summer activities list.