Family On Fire

Story - Angela Murray - as told to Holly Poole

The purpose of Family VBS is to bring the family together in worship and learning about the Word of God. The Christian culture has separated the family during worship by having kids and adults separated during service. If you look at the book of Acts, the model of Church includes the entire family. Everything that we do during Family VBS engages parents and children together. There were times when the parents prophesied to their children and other times when the children prophesied to the parents. 

What I didn’t expect was that Family VBS was more for the parents than for the kids, and that was different for me. My focus has always been on the kids. With parents, there is less of the response that I usually see in children and so it was difficult to see that they were actually receiving what was being taught. God told me later, “you were obedient and because of that, perceptions were shifted and eyes were opened.” It was nothing like expected, but God had His purpose. 

Moments like these are reminders that sometimes adults also need to hear the Word of God presented in a simple, childlike way. 

One of the nights I talked about the goodness of God. One of the parents was blown away by the simple analogy of the sun shining no matter what and, like the sun, God is good no matter what. The sun shines no matter if we are looking at it or turning away. God is good even when our focus is not on Him. This simple analogy spoke to children AND their parents. Moments like these are reminders that sometimes adults also need to hear the Word of God presented in a simple, childlike way. I know that I personally have gotten revelation from these lessons. 

There was also an analogy that I used about a gum-ball machine. All you have to do is put in a coin, turn the switch, and you get a gum-ball. But, in the case of the things we ask God for, the price has already been paid. Jesus has already paid the cost at the cross. I used a coin with Jesus’ name written on it and demonstrated that anything that we need or desire has already been payed for - we just have to ask for it. During that time, I was praying for things and waiting on answers. At that time, God reminded me that my needs are already paid for and I just need to declare it. 

I know that the parents were greatly impacted from this experience. Parents that had never seen their children minister to others were watching as they prayed and prophesied. Parents that may not have ever prayed and prophesied over their children were doing so. I love to hear that people left Family VBS feeling like they are apart of a ‘family’ - because that’s exactly what we want here at The Harbor. There is no better result than to know that we were able to provide a family environment and to have inspired these parents to bring that back into their homes.