A Message from Tyler & Anna

written by Tyler Chapman

As Anna and I prepare for takeoff, we sit here with great expectations as to what will transpire over the next 6 weeks.  It's similar to visiting our backyard garden. We can't wait to see which seeds have sprouted, which ones need to be watered, and which ones need only more sunshine and time.

It's not easy having family on opposite sides of the world.  While we are ecstatic to be with Anna's friends and family in Ukraine, you can be certain that we'll be missing our family in Louisiana. We'll be missing Anna Marie, Tucker, and Judah every moment of every day. We'll miss our church family and our Monday Night Prayer gatherings. We'll miss what's become a recent routine with my Dad - every Sunday worshipping Jesus together as a family followed by Anna's home cooked meals.  We'll miss even the little things like our chickens and garden. Despite the fact that it's only for 6 weeks, it simply means that in 6 weeks we'll be leaving our family in Ukraine and leaving all that is near and dear to our hearts on that side of the world.

With this open letter to our church family, I would like to ask you to remember us and that which Jesus has called us to. Yesterday a dear friend called me to tell me that he was going to commit to praying for us 1 hour a day everyday while we were gone. I can't even express what it meant to us. As I failed miserably at trying to hold back the tears, I knew God had blessed us with something that was more valuable than a million dollars. With this, I simply want to ask all of you to remember us daily as you go before the Lord. Remember the oppressed and struggling souls that we will be laboring to see set free. Your intercession matters and only eternity will fully reveal the fruit of those who labored faithfully on their knees.

Once again we love you and pray that you'll remember us. Our plane is about to take off and you are already missed.

Forever and Always In Christ,

Tyler & Anna

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