A New Beginning

Story - Blair B. - as told to Holly Poole.

Today I had the opportunity of meeting with Blair to hear her story. This interview was just an introduction to an even bigger story that is in the works. God is preparing her to do something amazing that is not only impactful to her, but for The Harbor and for the city of Hammond. We talked a little bit about what the next part of this story will be and the conversation ended in tears of overwhelming joy and thankfulness for the provision and love of our God. I am blessed by this story and by the person that tells it. Blair is a woman after God’s heart and after the heart of His people. She has an origin of hurt, but a present and future that is a testament of the redeeming heart of the Father. This is where her story begins:

“I got married when I was 21. I was married for one year and two months. I was the choir director at my church and had just got promoted in my job, everything was great: except for my marriage. I fell for temptation with a man that I had “always been in love with” and left my husband. I was kicked off the platform at my church and branded with a scarlet letter. We tried to work on our marriage, but it didn’t work out. I started going out and partying, drinking, and sleeping around. In November of 2013, I came to Hammond and visited The Harbor Church. There was a prophet there that prophesied to me about moving to Hammond. I tried getting a job here, but I couldn’t find anything, so I went to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

God was speaking to me, and I was fighting it.

There, I still carried my scarlet letter and felt out of place at the church that I was attending. In February of 2014, I got a job and moved to Jackson MS, where I reconnected with the man I left my husband for. I moved to Kenner with him later on and started dabbling in drugs and began drinking more than I was before. We got into an argument in May, which was when he abused me severely. We separated after that.

God was speaking to me, and I was fighting it. I kept going to church; I was visiting but not fully giving my heart to God. In February of 2016 (I looked up the word February because of the repetition and found out that it means “new beginnings and purification”), I was prophesied over by Tim Braud that this was the last day that I would be feeling the way that I felt the last few months. He didn’t know it, but he was referring to the feelings I had of stress and anxiety. The next day, I was fired. I was devastated because I loved my job, but I knew that where I was for my job was not where I needed to be. I realized that what Tim had said was coming to pass, and I needed to make my decisions.

Now I live here, in Hammond, where God told me that I was supposed to be.

I woke up the next morning after being fired to a message from a lady that I haven't spoken to in years. She told me that God spoke to her saying that He is a jealous God that had stripped me of everything I put first before Him so that I would look to Him. I called my mother after that, and she told me a story about another woman that had told her to pray for me because I would encounter something that was life-or-death spiritually. I got a call an hour after that from a company that offered me a job. The job was in Covington LA, only 20 minutes from Hammond. The next day, I was hired. Now I live here, in Hammond, where God told me that I was supposed to be.

We count it joy to see our Heavenly Father love Blair to this extent.

This whirlwind was the start of a new me. I am learning more and more every day. He is putting people in my life to nurture so that I am not just learning but also teaching others. I hated religion and what people made God to be. In this new beginning, I’m learning who Jesus is. I am learning about the love of the Father.”

Considering the place that Blair has found herself - both physically and spiritually - and the openness she has to be led by the Holy Spirit according to God's love, it's apparent that God is doing and will do amazing things through her to bring other people to this same understanding of God's love. But apart from what is accomplished through her, we count it joy to see our Heavenly Father love Blair to this extent - that He would pursue her to this new beginning.