Good, Good Father

Story: Michelle B. - as submitted.

For quite a few months at the end of 2015, Tim and I had thrown around the idea of taking our 4 miracles (kids) to Disney World for the first time at Christmas. It was really more of a dream or heart's-desire because we had experienced some financial challenges throughout the year and things were pretty tight, but we knew that the kids were perfect ages (8, 6, 5, and 3).   As we got into November and started discussing Christmas,  we brought up the idea of Disney again and thankfully, the finances were there so we said "book it"!   

If you have recently gone to Disney, you know that planning last minute is not what you want to do, but all along I felt the Lord saying that there was going to be grace on the trip.  The week before the trip, I was able to get character meals that I had hoped for and our itinerary lined out pretty remarkably. On the morning we arrived, we had a princess breakfast and our 3 year old daughter, Estella, was in awe of Cinderella and asked her, "Can I see your pretty slippers?" In all of Cinderella's elegance, she said "I would love for you to see my slippers!" Tim and I teared up.

And as this memory came back to me, tears rolled down my face - not because of the hurt, but because His goodness is overwhelming.

You see, all of our children are miracles, but Estella is our only girl. As soon as we knew she was a girl, her baby shower and room theme was always One shoe can change your life! So in that moment of her question and Cinderella's response, everything came full circle for us.  

Although we had some hiccups during the trip and a few frustrating moments, Holy Spirit said, This is a blessing, not a curse. So after correcting a few errors on the part of Disney, the manager gave us our due and more - including three free Fast Passes for three days per person. These Fast Passes allow you to move to the front of the line on any rides you want. Once again, God's goodness was evident. 

Needless to say, the whole family had a blast making memories that will last a lifetime, including riding roller coasters and fast cars with our big boys to watching the fireworks from Cinderella's Royal Table with Estella thinking her magic wand started the fireworks.  We sang (very loudly I might add) at Frozen's sing-a-long and watched the boys get their Jedi training certificates. We ate Mickey Mouse ice cream every day and waited as the sun went down to see the Osborne Christmas Light show begin.     

As I reflected on how amazing our trip was, I remembered that as a little girl, my dad always put away money in the top drawer of his armoire for the purpose of going to Disney World. It was something that the family looked forward to and saved for. As my brother was away at our grandparents' house, a friend of his came in our house while we were gone and stole the money. He used the money to play video games at the local arcade and just like that, the money was gone.  Even more unfortunate was the fact that I was falsely accused of showing him where the money was. And as a 4 or 5 year old, it is hard to wrap my brain around the fact that we weren't going to Disney because of me. Although I knew the truth and so did my Papa God. 

He keeps good records, I might add.  Because this is the point of total and complete redemption. Something that was stolen from me as a child has been given back to me 10-fold. And as this memory came back to me, tears rolled down my face - not because of the hurt, but because His goodness is overwhelming.  He cares even about something as insignificant as a Disney vacation. All because He is a good, good Father.