Deluge Festival

Story - Deluge Festival - as written by Audrey Mercier

Around this time of year, we hear of all the king cakes, parades, and partying that goes on during Mardi Gras, but this Mardi Gras break our Legacy Youth decided to put their time and energy into attending the Deluge Festival at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge.

From night one, there was an atmosphere of truth and intentionality. Pastor Joel Stockstill had laid the foundation of reward versus recompense when it comes to our eternal destiny. There was no sugar coating, but instead the honest truth of what the lines of judgment for eternity are for those saved and unsaved. If anyone there had doubts about their salvation, they left there with absolute certainty of where they would be for eternity.

By night two, there continued to be an atmosphere of freedom in worship. With hands raised, the youth continued to let God take control of their lives, their expectations, and their destiny. One of the Legacy Students, Zachary, experienced a tremendous prophetic word during that night. Pastor Jason Stockstill called Zachary out, and while Zachary explained his first reaction was a mini heartache, he walked to the front with an open heart and mind. Pastor Jason declared that Zachary is powerful and mighty in the spirit, and he dispelled any lies of insignificance. And he continued to say that the reality of heaven will be revealed to Zachary in times of prayer.

From Zac’s perspective, he admitted that he had struggled with his significance most of his life, and thought it was something he gotten over. But even though Zac wasn’t anticipating this prophetic word, God made this appointment just for him to remind him of his worth. This prophetic word closed the door to all of Zac’s misconceptions and opened the door to his true identity.

Zachary wasn't the only one who received a prophetic word that night. Another Legacy Student shared with me that although she didn't particularly feel like going to Deluge, she received a word that was very timely. She had been caught in the middle of always feeling like she had to please people. When she had received prayer, the women spoke into this Legacy Student saying that she would only feel fulfillment through serving God, instead of trying to make everyone happy. And she was reassured that she doesn't have to strive to meet perfection. God is her standard, and He has made her more than able to tackle any task at hand.

These students stories are just a couple examples of God’s love meeting you right where you're at. God can use any means necessary to remind you of His love, your purpose, and your identity. Hearing an amazing word from God doesn’t always have to come to you in extravagant ways. All it takes is an open heart and a listening ear. And if you’re looking to hear from God, your personal prayer time is a great place to start.