An Obedient Hug.

Story - Amber E. - as submitted online.

Amber, a mother of two, shared her story with us through our website:

I woke up today like I do most days. There are plenty of things on my to do list, and I am frustrated knowing that each task will be difficult to finish with my two children underfoot. I needed to go to the store and get a few necessities. I was dreading this task. I've grumbled inwardly for months now about how I just need an extra hand. If I just had a few extra hands I could get things done. Today, I almost burst into tears because I just felt so overwhelmed. I just needed a little help. I prayed and complained to God.

As I approached the store, the Lord spoke to me very clearly, "you are going to hug the man sitting in the corner." I thought, "come on God, you know I have my hands full. I can't keep the kids in the buggy to even hug him." I ignored Him. I purchased the items that I came for and got out of the store as quick as I could. As I drove away, the Lord spoke to me again. The tugging on my heart to be obedient to the Holy Spirit would not leave.

I thought, how many times do we pray for something and our prayer isn't answered due to other people's disobedience to God? God uses people to answer prayers. People have a choice to obey or not. So I drove back. I struggled with my children all the way there. And then I see him, the man that God sent me to hug...

He didn't have any hands, much less arms.

I strategically placed my buggy in a safe place near me, and I asked him if I could hug him. He smiled and asked why. All I could say was that the Lord sent me to, and that God wanted to hug him today. He said thank you and I left.

When I got to my car my heart broke and the tears fell. Here I am complaining about needing an extra hand and there was this man who didn't even have arms. It showed me how selfish I was and this exposed the bad attitude I didn't realize I had. There were several lessons learned today.

For one: be obedient, that's how prayers are answered. And of course: be thankful for what you have, many people have less. God sees us and he cares. God loves us enough to show us our imperfections and gives us grace so that we can change for the better. God is good, and His love is so faithful.”