Next Family Dinner: August 22nd @ 6:30 pM

Family Dinner is The Harbor's young adult ministry (18-35). For years we put emphasis on our youth and college students, but what happens to those young married couples with or without kids that still want to connect with their younger generation? We have solved the dilemma! If you're between the ages of 18 and 35, then you are in for an amazing time at Family Dinner.

The heart behind this connect group is restoring the importance and impact of people coming together to share a meal with one another. You may have heard the sayings, "A family who prays together/reads together/EATS together, stays together." Well unfortunately in this busy culture that we have created around us, we often lose sight of the importance and simplicity of coming together to share a meal and just talk about life. This is Family Dinner. It is a time for young adults to come together like family and do life with each other.

We would love to add a plate to the table for you.

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